Teams Status Holder

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Teams Status Holder

Teams presence status online


Windows Smart Screen Error

In some environments, the tool is blocked by the Windows Smart Screen. This is done by downloading from the Internet. With a right click – properties – allow the tool can be executed 🙂

Make team status permanently available

In times of Home Office many companies rely on solutions from Microsoft. This includes products such as Skype for Business or Teams. From a data protection and employee monitoring perspective, this is a sensitive issue because the status is set automatically. If one is inactive at the computer, the team jam is set to absent. But with our tool you can keep the status permanently on available.


The problem for Microsoft teams is that the status is set to Absent after the user is inactive. This status could be used to monitor employees. 


The solution is relatively simple. With our tool, the team status can be permanently set to Available, so that you are online all the time.

Advantages & disadvantages of the team Status Holder

The tool has both advantages and disadvantages that arise when setting the team status:


  • Permanently sets the team status to Available
  • The status for appointments is not affected
  • The status can be changed manually at any time
  • Tool does not need to be installed (portable)
  • Also works with Skype for Business
  • A stop time can be set
  • Available in English (Automatic)


  • Automatic screen saver is deactivated
  • If the PC is locked manually, the tool is inactive


Version 1.0 – September 2020

Keeps the team status permanently online (functionality)

Version 1.1 – October 2020

– Design adaptations

– Paypal donation button

– Notes & Info

Version 1.2 – November 2020

– Design adaptations

– Bugs fixed

Version 1.3 – November 2020

– Design adaptations

– You can specify a date & time that the tool is stopped automatically

Version 1.4 – November 2020

– Design adaptations

– Translated to English (Automatically on English Windows)

Version 1.5 – November 2020

– Checks automatically if a new version is available

Version 1.6 – November 2020

– Can be minimized to the info area (task bar)

Version 1.7 – November 2020

– Design adjustments (start button and info area icon)

– Remembers the “Minimize” setting

Version 1.8 – December 2020

– Now supports Citrix environments

Version 1.9 – January 2021

– Speech recognition enhanced

Version 2.0 – February 2021

– Premium functions (e.g. automatic start on opening, Windows Autostart)

– Select special teams installation path

– design adjustments

Version 2.1 – February 2021

– Bugs fixed

Version 2.2 – February 2021

– Design adapted

– Bugs fixed

Version 3.0 – April 2021

– Signed by a trusted certificate

Download Team Status Holder

Here you can download the Team Status Holder (.exe) for free. The tool is portable and therefore does not need to be installed.

premium version

As soon as a donation is made via PayPal, you will receive a premium code for free!

Donation to the coffee fund

The tool for permanently setting the team status is free of charge – but we would still appreciate a donation to the coffee cash register! 🙂

parts the Teams Status Holder!